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One-night-only installations presented by innovative artists using the latest technology. Guests were invited to immerse themselves in Canadian science, technology, and innovation through the Museum’s 11 interactive exhibitions. Inside the museum’s intimate an-echoic chamber you will find art by Karine Guyon. Step inside the soundless room and admire her creations that blend art and science.


Canadian Museum of Science and Technology’s Anaechoic Chamber

Karine Guyon’s exhibition inside the anaechoic chamber.


Located within the Scotia Bank Tower located at the center of Montreal’s business and entertainment district, Centre Mont-Royal offers unique special events and conference space rental. Karine Guyon has been selected to be the Centre’s resident artist for 2018- 2019. Thought out the center you can find an installation of nine pieces of Guyon’s finest.

Life is Beautiful  temporarily installed at the Montreal downtown core Centre Montroyal conference center. *Available

Life is Beautiful temporarily installed at the Montreal downtown core Centre Montroyal conference center. *Available



This cross-disciplinary exhibition presents work by artists, designers and scientists using or investigating colour phenomena, qualities, and meanings. What is colour: frequency, wavelength, energy… resonance, material, sensation... perception, illusion, association... emotive embodied experience? The question opens up connections between diverse understandings and ways of knowing.

artists: Laura Bisaillon | Julia Buntaine | Chris Burke | Emily Carriere | Nicole Clouston | Jayanne English | David Griffin | Karine Guyon | Sara Hartland-Rowe| Mark-David Hosale, James Madsen & Rob Allison | Kathy Kranias | Marie Lannoo | Michelle Letarte | Art Lucs | Hameeda Mahmoud | Jessica Massard | Giuseppe Morano | Francis Muscat | Irma Osadsa | Frances Patella | Robert Quance | Jordan Shaw | Matthew Thomas | Dori Vanderheyden
co-sponsored by: the Colour Research Society of Canada and Propeller Gallery

Curatorial team/jury: Doreen Balabanoff, Robin Kingsburgh, Janet Read & Judith Tinkl

Prototype LED blacklight frame created with interactive technology. Blacklight would turn on and off depending on the outside light.

Cosmic Energy exhibited in the window of propeller gallery in Toronto.


Kaleidoscopy is an installation which combines traditional art (analog) with new media (interactive digital) art. It consists of a kaleidoscope with interactive projection mapping.

Analog : Karine Guyon
For this project, hand painted plates are viewed inside the kaleidoscope. I paint on transparent acrylic boards. The plates are lit at night and the glow in the dark plate is lit with a black light. The audience can look into the kaleidoscope both during day and night. At night, a camera films inside the Kaleidoscope and the image is projected to environment surfaces such as walls or sculptures. The projected imagery is manipulated interactively by a number of ways. 1. people turning the kaleidoscope : affecting the colors of the projection; 2. audio reactive : the shape of the projected image is manipulated by sound captured through a microphone; 3. the number people detected by the camera : the more people there are the more intense the visuals will become.

Digital:Joaquin Habacon

Abstract fine artist Karine Guyon had the great idea of taking our Kaleidoscopy project to the next level by combining it with the virtual reality work that I have been doing to date. What we came up with was an intense experience of being inside the giant kaleidoscope where, just like in virtual reality, you can look around in 360 degrees and are immersed in this psychedelic world that also included music.

We combined the giant kaleidoscope with the Oculus Rift to provide an external and internal experience. When the HMD (Head Mounted Display) was worn, you were transported inside the giant kaleidoscope where the images of the kaleidoscope were texture mapped to the inside of the tube that you would were placed inside the middle of. Whenever someone engaged with the kaleidoscope in the real world, it was reflected as real-time projection mapping in VR.

Our third great idea was taking our Kaleidoscopy project even further by combining it 3D camera sensor that detects your body and has an audio microphone array. The graphics provided by the painted plates were projected and user could get in front of the camera and play with the projection.