Originally from the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Karine Guyon has had the opportunity to live and exhibit in many major Canadian cities such as Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa as well as in Barcelona, Spain. She is currently working as a full time artist in Montreal. Her paintings can be found in both private and public collections across Canada including the Porter Housing Society Collection and the Simon Fraser University Art Collection in Vancouver, BC. From 2015 to 2017, Guyon was awarded several private art grants and an Emerging Artist Grant in Visual Art for her collaborative installation entitled ‘‘Kaleidoscopy’’ and from the Ontario Arts Council for her ‘‘Spatial Landscape’’ series respectively. In 2018 Guyon’s was selected to have the first blacklight exhibition at the Canadian Museum of Science and Technology, in Canada’s capital city of Ottawa.


In 2016, I started working on a body of work, which incorporates ultraviolet and invisible fluorescent raw pigments, with traditional painting mediums such as oil paints and beeswax. Inspired by the underground electronic music scene, the idea was to use luminescent colors and fuse them into a contemporary visual experience in virtue of versatile abstract paintings.

In the electromagnetic spectrum, ultraviolet light emits shorter wavelength than that of the color spectrum which implies higher frequency and energy. When traditional painting mediums are combined with ultraviolet light storing colors and short wavelengths, the result is the creation of paintings emitting light and energy.

Inspired by the work of Kandinsky, and Klint, I am drawn to abstraction by an awareness of the spirituality of energies in the material world. For me combining abstraction to technologically advanced light emitting materials is a necessary way of depicting a transcendent reality that has the possibility of bringing the viewer into an alternate reality and awakening.



2018       Colour: What Do You Mean By That? Propeller Gallery, Toronto, ON

2015       Thames Art Gallery Juried Exhibition 2015., Thames Art Gallery,  Chatham-Kent, ON

2010       Twitter, Art and Social Media., Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, BC


2018       Colour is Energy. The Innovation Pod, Ottawa, ON


2019 Art Bridge  / Pont des arts., Centre Culturel et du Patrimoine Uplands. Lennoxville, QC.

2019 Lumière Noire, 10e Anniversaire., Nuit Blanche Montréal au Bain Matthieu, Montréal, QC

2018        Galatecha., Canadian Museum of Science and Technology, Ottawa, ON

2018       Air Canada Supports Canadian Art., Maple Leaf Lounge Art Installations, Ottawa, ON

2017       Little Italy Art Tour., Platform Gallery & Studio, Ottawa, ON

2016       Little Italy Art Tour., Platform Gallery & Studio, Ottawa, ON

2015       Sketch., Galerie SAW Gallery., Ottawa, ON

2015       Transformative and Visionary Art., Solstice Forest Gallery, Collingwood, ON                   

2014       Salon of inclusiveness., The Black Cat, Toronto, ON                                                                 

2014       Fill’er Up., Earl Selkirk Gallery, Toronto, ON                                          

2013       Garage Sell., Robert Kananaj Gallery, Toronto, ON                                                                    

2009      Tel Aviv@100., Sidney & Gertrude Zack Gallery, Vancouver, BC                                                

2009      Shhhhhh! Silent Auction., 221A Artist Run Gallery, Vancouver, BC                                             

2009      Penny Stocks., LES Gallery, Vancouver, BC    


2017       Kaleidoscopy 3.0., Analog/Digital Installation. Collaboration w Joaquin Habacon, Alweezgrooven,                           Ottawa, ON.

2015       Kaleidoscopy VR., Analog/Digital Installation. Collaboration w Joaquin Habacon., Maker Faire,  Ottawa,                 ON

2015      Kaleidoscopy., Analog/Digital Installation. Collaboration w Joaquin Habacon., Solstice Gathering,                            Collingwood, ON


2017       Alweezgrooven., Multi-Media Interactive Art Installation Grant

2015       Ontario Arts Council (OAC)., Emerging Artist Grant

2015       Solstice Gathering., Multi-Media Interactive Art Installation Grant


Simon Fraser University Public Art Collection, Vancouver BC.

Portland Housing Society Public Art Collection, Vancouver BC


2017       Montreal Curator ArtBOMB Daily., Online Art Auction, Montreal, QC.

2015-17  Ottawa Curator ArtBOMB Daily., Online Art Auction, Ottawa, ON.

2017       Guest Juries., Foyer Gallery, Ottawa, ON

2014        Art and Silent Auction Facilitator/Curator., Bitcoin Expo 2014, Toronto, ON.        


RAAV., (Regroupement des Artistes en Art Visuel du Quebec).



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2009-2011 Bachelor or Art (BA)., Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC. (completed in 2011)

1997-1998 Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA)., Bishop University, Lennoxville, QC. (one year completed)